The Saskatchewan Caribbean-Canadian Association (SCCA) is a cultural non-profit volunteer organization working to improve the quality of life of its members, promote the Caribbean culture and create partnerships with others who share similar views.

The members of the current executive board of the SCCA can be found here.




The SCCA was formed in 1977 when a group of concerned West Indians felt that with the influx of new West Indians coming into the community there was a need for a more structured form of communication. They got together and drafted a Constitution that addressed the concerns of the then new arrivals. The Constitution dealt with issues such as immigration, housing, education and retention of the Caribbean culture.


After almost a decade in operation, it was time to create programs that would play an integral part in informing our youth about Caribbean culture.  Out of this desire, the youth Caribe Steel Orchestra and the youth Caribe Folk Arts Dance Troupe were launched in 1986. The two groups were so successful that there were demands for them to perform all over Saskatchewan in nursing homes, at events hosted by non-profit organizations, in schools, at business events and even in hospitals.


The main event every year for these groups is performing at the Caribbean Pavilion during the Mosaic Festival of Cultures in which the SCCA has participated since 1982. Our involvement includes introducing the Regina community to our overseas artists, foremost among them being the fire-eater Prince Nyah, our Caribbean crafts, foods, drinks and music ranging from Soca to Reggae.


The Caribe Steel Orchestra and the Caribe Folk Arts Dance Troupe have been such a success at the pavilion that they have been invited to participate at similar cultural festivals across Saskatchewan including Folkfest in Saskatoon and Motif in Moose Jaw. Other highlights for them include the Caribe Steel Orchestra playing the national anthem at the Scott Tournament of Hearts and the Caribe Folk Arts Dance Troupe participating in the opening ceremonies at the Canada Summer Games. The Caribe Steel Orchestra has also produced a cassette tape in 1994 and a CD in 1999.


The SCCA continued to respond to the wishes of its membership and in 1986 the Caribe Folk and Gospel Choir, which got rave reviews wherever they performed, was born. Two years later in 1988 Club Caribbean, operating out of a leased building, was established. In this building, which served as our community centre, we were also able to plan and administer our programs for the youth and seniors in the community as well as our fundraising functions, including the various annual independence celebrations of our countries of birth. In 1996 the Domino club was formed to accommodate that sector of our membership who enjoyed the game. In addition to playing on weekends, the club participates in annual tournaments with teams from Winnipeg.


Our next achievement was to reward our youth and encourage them to pursue a post secondary education through the introduction of two annual bursaries:-

  • The SCCA Academic Bursary ($750.00)
  • The SCCA General Bursary ($500.00)

The SCCA Academic Bursary was designed to reward an outstanding youth who has maintained a 75% average from Grade 10 to Grade 12. The SCCA General Bursary was designed to reward a youth who, along with their parents, embodies the spirit of the SCCA and has played an essential role in ensuring that the goals of the SCCA are achieved. To date the SCCA is proud to acknowledge that it has accomplished a 98% success rate with our youth who have received the Academic Bursary and have gone on to complete their graduate program.


The SCCA continues to be very visible in the community, engaging in many local activities, namely the Buffalo Day parade, Mosaic Festival of Cultures and the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. We abide by a policy of non-discrimination and equality and our programs are open to anyone who chooses to be a member.

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  • Patricia Netzel says:

    Good Afternoon

    The adult Girl Guide Group I belong to is having a Tropical Theme get together on March 18th in the evening at my home.

    I see from the pictures on your website that you have both an adult and child dance group.

    Would it be possible for two or three children to attend our gathering to perform one or two dances for us. I know our group would be very excited to see them and to experience their talent.
    If so what would be the cost? Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Al Kosteniuk says:

      Hi Patricia. Sorry for the delay, and thanks for your interest in our wonderful dance group. I will forward your note to the dance coordinator, but also here is her email address. Nimone ( nimonec@hotmail.com ) can help work out the details with you.
      Regards, Al K
      SCCA Vice President

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